Please join us in showing Petland that we will not accept their ongoing animal cruelty and support of puppy mills!

Here's our agenda...just so it's clear...and not hidden:

We would like to see Petlands--ALL of them--closed down. We do not want to see them profiting at the misery and expense of the animals they sell and discard. The nightmarish conditions the parents of those animals are forced to suffer so that Mr. Sardina can make a handsome profit from their offspring is unconscionable. We would like to see all animals in loving, permanent homes. Until all of the shelters are empty, there is simply no excuse for commercial breeding and retail sales of animals!

Our next protest date is:
Sunday, May 27, 2012 1:00-3:00

Petland is located in the Target plaza on Highway 14 & 26. We will be standing in the median in front of Fazoli's. We have plenty of signs! You're welcome to bring your own or use ours.

Future Petland protest dates:

We will have some more protest dates up soon!!

Click to learn more about why we protest Petland and what a puppy mill is.